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New Mexico Pharmacy Practice

Pharmacist Prescribing Under Board Protocols

In New Mexico, pharmacists can become certified to:

Each year, the College has a “Certification Day” in which fourth-year PharmD students can participate in training programs to become certified in many of the above activities.

Pharmacist Clinicians

New Mexico is one of only four states in which pharmacists with advanced training have prescriptive authority under collaborative drug management protocols.  Since 1993, the state of New Mexico has recognized advanced pharmacist providers, known as pharmacist clinicians. Based on state statute and regulations, pharmacists seeking to become pharmacists clinicians in New Mexico must provide proof of completion of 60 hours of board approved physical assessment course work followed by a 150-hour, 300-patient-contact preceptorship supervised by a physician or other practitioner with prescriptive authority.

The Pharmacist Clinician physical assessment course is offered by the College of Pharmacy in May each year and the New Mexico Pharmacists Association working with College faculty in the Fall of each year.

Advanced Pharmacist Practice: The New Mexico Experience

Statewide Practice Partners

New Mexico Pharmacists Association

New Mexico Society of Health-System Pharmacists