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Pharmacy Practice and Administrative Sciences Education and Training

Graduate Studies

Pharmacy Practice and Administrative Sciences has developed an integrated curriculum of didactic and direct patient care experiences to prepare our students to deliver high-level patient care. Through professional and graduate course work, we also prepare our students to succeed in a variety of health care-related settings and positions, including administration, industry, government, academia, poison control and radiopharmacy.

Programs of Study

The Department of Pharmacy Practice and Administrative Sciences engages students in the professional program, graduate education, postgraduate residencies and clinical research fellowships.

Doctor of Pharmacy Professional Program (PharmD)

Pharmacoeconomics, Epidemiology, Pharmaceutical Policy, and Outcomes Research (PEPPOR), (MS and PhD programs)

  • PEPPOR, MS program focusing on clinical trials;
  • PEPPOR, PhD Program focusing on health economics, policy and outcomes;

Radiopharmaceutical Sciences (MS)

Resident and Fellowship Training

  • Pharmacy Practice (PGY1 and PGY2) Residencies
  • Clinical Postdoctoral Fellowships