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Why Choose a Career in Pharmacy

The UNM College of Pharmacy prepares you not only for many existing occupations but also for the careers of tomorrow. These include:

  • Academia
  • Ambulatory care clinics
  • Community health organizations
  • Community pharmacy
  • Compounding pharmacy
  • Food and Drug Administration
  • Government: FDA, NIH, CDC
  • Home health care and hospice
  • Hospital pharmacy
  • Managed care
  • Medical communication
  • Nuclear pharmacy
  • Pharmacy administration
  • Pharmacy benefits management
  • Pharmaceutical industry
  • Research organizations
  • Uniformed (Public Health) services
  • And many more . . .

As health care delivery in the U.S. changes, pharmacists are forging new and expanded roles. UNM has a long history of developing new models of care, which not only improve the health of our communities but also serve as practice laboratories for our students.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that the number of pharmacists needed in the U.S. is expected to grow by 14 percent by 2022.

Highly Rated Career

U.S. News & World Report rates being a pharmacist as one of the best jobs in 2015. A career in pharmacy:

  • Ranked No. 8 in terms of best-paying jobs.
  • Ranked No. 12 in terms of best health care jobs.
  • Ranked No. 27 in the top 100 best jobs in 2015.

Pharmacy was ranked the second most-trusted profession in 2014 in an annual Gallup poll.

Pharmacists Make a Difference

Pharmacy offers a rewarding career in which you can make a difference! Every day, pharmacists improve the health of patients and of our communities by optimizing drug therapy, improving adherence to medications, enhancing medication safety, providing health education, administering vaccinations, providing health screenings and serving as vital members of interprofessional health care teams.

UNM pharmacy students have been recognized nationally for their community outreach efforts.  Recent recognitions include:

  • American Pharmacy Association Academy of Student Pharmacists (APHA-ASP) Immunization Award (2015): UNM pharmacy students immunized an astonishing 79,771 individuals during 2014 –more than 20 percent of all of the vaccinations given by student pharmacists across the country that year.
  • APHA-ASP Generation Rx Award: UNM’s pharmacy students educated middle school, high school and college students, as well as parents and senior citizens regarding the dangers of prescription drug misuse. Their efforts have been recognized by the APhA-ASP in each of the past three years. They were the national Generation Rx Award winner in 2012 and 2013, and in 2014, they were second runner-up.
  • APHA-ASP Division AAA Chapter Achievement Award: UNM pharmacy students were recognized in 2014 and 2015 for the outstanding activities their chapter conducted to promote professional growth and improve patient care.

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