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Biomedical Sciences Graduate Program

BSGP Faculty member

The College of Pharmacy partners with the School of Medicine to offer graduate (MS, PhD) degrees in biomedical sciences. The program offers studies in six different research disciplines. College of Pharmacy faculty provide education and research opportunities in Toxicology and Pharmaceutical Sciences.

The BSGP is a multidisciplinary graduate program offering PhD, MD/PhD and MS degrees in a variety of biomedical sciences concentrations. The Toxicology and Pharmaceutical Sciences Division of the program, taught and administered by the faculty in the Department of Pharmaceutical Sciences at the College of Pharmacy, encompasses a broad range of scientific disciplines that are critical to the discovery, development and evaluation of new drugs and therapies, including drug design and chemical biology, pharmaceutics and drug delivery, radiopharmaceutical target imaging and pharmacokinetics, pharmacodynamics, drug metabolism, pharmacogenomics and toxicological research.

The BSGP provides students with a broad-based, one-year core curriculum followed by focused course work and thesis/dissertation research. In addition to program requirements, students in the Department of Pharmaceutical Sciences within the College of Pharmacy are required to enroll in the Department’s seminar course each semester offered, complete the Molecular and Cellular Pharmacology course (PHRM 576), and at least one other PHRM didactic course, such as Toxicology (PHRM 580) or an Advanced Organ-Based Pharmacology course (PHRM 598).

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