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The UNM College of Pharmacy offers a professional degree (PharmD) for pharmacists as well as graduate degrees (MS and PhD) in Pharmaceutical Sciences that prepare students to prepare individuals to become career opportunities in research, radiopharmacy and health economics and policy.

Graduate students can choose from four concentrations leading to a degree in Pharmaceutical Sciences:

  • Pharmacoeconomics, Epidemiology, Pharmaceutical Policy, and Outcomes Research (PEPPOR) MS program focusing on health economics, policy and outcomes.
  • PEPPOR MS program focusing on clinical trials.
  • PEPPOR PhD program focusing on health economics, policy and outcomes.
  • Radiopharmaceutical Sciences MS program.

Faculty members within the College of Pharmacy also partner with the School of Medicine, the School of Engineering and the College of Arts and Sciences to support graduate programs in Biomedical Sciences and in Nanoscience and Microsystems. The College also offers advanced and specialized postdoctoral training for pharmacists and scientists, as well as continuing educational opportunities.