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Student Services

The College of Pharmacy maintains an Office of Student Services to support students completing their program in pharmacy. Following is a list of available services; please see the following pages for more detailed descriptions.

Academic Advisement

The College of Pharmacy Advisement Center is located in Room 188 of the Nursing/Pharmacy Building. Students will be contacted by the Advisement Office to establish a Plan of Study as early in the semester as possible. The Advisement Office should also be notified immediately of any name changes. The Advisement Office telephone number is (505) 272-3241. Please call for an appointment.

Academic Assistance (Tutoring)

An organized peer tutoring program is run through the Office of Student Services. College-provided group tutoring sessions are scheduled during the academic week for assistance in one or more courses. Individual tutoring sessions may also be arranged at the student's expense. Tutors are selected from upper-level pharmacy students who have achieved academic excellence. Tutors’ performance will be assessed by the executive associate dean for education. Students’ attendance at tutoring sessions will also be tracked and used to evaluate the effectiveness of the tutoring program.

Personal Support Services

College of Pharmacy students with personal, financial or emotional concerns can make an appointment with any member of the Student Services Office. The Office of Student Services strives to help students function successfully in their academic lives. Appointments can be made by calling (505) 272-3241 or by stopping by the front desk at the College of Pharmacy.