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UNM College of Pharmacy Research

We take great pride in the breadth of our robust research program and our world-class investigators. Our faculty scientists and environmental health and radiopharmaceutical development programs have long garnered national recognition, and our clinical research initiative is growing rapidly. Translational research endeavors at the College range from bench research involving drug target identification and drug discovery to clinical, health outcomes and policy research.


Our investigators dedicate their lives to finding cures and effective treatments for some humanity’s deadliest diseases and public health threats. Our laboratory teams conduct research to:

  • Develop cures and more effective treatments for breast, ovarian and prostate cancers.
  • Improve outcomes for stroke victims.
  • Understand and prevent prenatal and postnatal growth and neurocognitive deficits associated with prenatal alcohol exposure.
  • Develop novel therapeutic approaches for infectious diseases.
  • Prevent coronary artery disease and eliminate congestive heart failure.
  • Our faculty also examine the causes of and develop treatments for health conditions and diseases associated with exposure to air pollutants, pesticides, tobacco smoke, and UV, as well as arsenic, uranium and other heavy metals.  


College of Pharmacy scientists are creative visionaries. With a combined 20 active U.S. patents and 34 U.S. patent applications pending, faculty researchers are seeking innovative solutions to combat deadly diseases and health issues. They have developed new, non-invasive diagnostic testing and treatments for infectious diseases and certain cancers, such as leukemia, lymphoma and lung cancer, and they have discovered new methods for diagnosing and treating melanoma and measuring skin protection factor, Researchers are also finding bold new ways to control chronic pain, wirelessly monitor medications, repurpose NSAIDS to offer novel treatment options for ovarian cancer patients and develop novel dry powders for inhaled and oral delivery of drugs and vaccines.

Research Booklet [PDF]