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Audio Programs

Our two-minute radio programs, such as the Women’s Health Minute, air on local radio stations on the Navajo reservation. We also collaborate with national radio programs such as American Indian Radio on Satellite to bring the latest on Native American health issues. 

Healthy Voices - Protecting Your Home During Flood Season

The following public service announcements, which were recorded in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina, cover safety tips that can be used at any time after flooding. For example, the PSAs provide helpful information on the importance of maintaining a healthy diet and drinking only bottled water until health officials declare that the water is safe to drink.

You can also find out how to:

  • Protect your family and pets from bacterial contamination.
  • Clean up flood waters from your home.
  • Safely clean mold.

The PSAs were recorded by Hillary Smith, an Albuquerque jazz singer/songwriter, Evan Christopher, a New Orleans clarinetist and composer and Tom McDermott, a jazz pianist and composer who is also based in New Orleans.

Download Healthy Voices Audio